One of the highlights of the trip to Southeast Asia has definitely been the journey to Sapa, including a particularly interesting home stay with local people. Sapa being a Vietnamese frontier-town to China, is inhabited by many ethnic minority groups such as the H’mong – they are so friendly, regardless the conditions that they live in. The kid’s smiles just go straight to your heart!
The real Hot Dog!!!


2 Responses to Trip to Asia: Sapa

  1. CriViolet sagt:

    M E R A V I G L I O S E !
    Brava , bravissima ! Chissà che un giorno nn riesca a “brincarti” per fare delle foto alla mia famigliola in espansione (un po come la panza ora;)
    Enjoy your trip mia cara e non hai bisogno di sentirti dire di cogliere tutto quello che c’è ;)
    See ja

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